Top 5 Minecraft Streamer TommyInnit Quotes

Top 5 Minecraft Streamer TommyInnit Quotes
Thomas “Tommy” Simons, better known as TommyInnit, is a well-known Minecraft streamer and YouTuber. With over 10 million subscribers on YouTube and six million followers on Twitch, Simons is arguably one of the fastest-growing Minecraft streamers of all time.
Because of his sarcastic delivery, many of his quotes have become quite famous in the community. Here are the five best quotes by Tommyinnit.

5) “Just turned 17. I feel stronger already”

Every now and then, Simons tweets something for his fans. On his 17th birthday, which was on 9 April 2021, he made a Tweet, where he expressed positivity upon turning 17.

4) “I’m streaming, Mum!”

This clip is from a Minecraft tournament called MC Ultimate. It is a charity event organized by DrCandyMan and RealMOF. During the event, Simons’ mom tries to tell him something about the space station, to which he replies, “I’m streaming, Mum! Yes, I know the space station is cool, mum, but I’m in a Minecraft tournament! Aw, that’s poggers, mum.”

3) “You’re my girlfriend.”

This quote is from a special video that he made to celebrate hitting 1 million subscribers on YouTube. He uses the quote many times as he goes around town and says it to random girls.

2) “Get your f*****g vaccine, you prick!”

This quote is from one of Simons’ streams where he talks about the heartbreaking situation that has been created due to COVID-19. He tells all his viewers to get the vaccine in a rather aggressive manner.

1) “Just killed a woman, feeling good.”

This quote is from one of the Minecraft Championship mini-games, where Simons kills a Minecraft content creator, Katherineeliz. For those unaware, the Minecraft Championship is a tournament for Minecraft streamers organized by the Noxcrew.

Forty streamers participate in them, and 10 teams are formed with four players in each. The mini-game was Rocket Spleef, in which players have to fly around the small map using an elytra and rockets. The objective is to kill the other team’s players. The only weapon players have is a gold shovel that shoots fireballs.

Did you know all these quotes from TommyInnit? Get more fun facts about him at our blog here?




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