Top 5 Funniest TommyInnit Minecraft Videos

Top 5 Funniest TommyInnit Minecraft Videos

Tommy “TommyInnit” Simons is a Minecraft Streamer known for his quick, witty, and humorous personality. He’s also well known for his contributions to the Dream Survival-Multiplayer (SMP).

Tommy streams quite frequently compared to others, and as a result, several clips from his streams have gone viral. This article dives into five of the funniest TommyInnit Twitch clips.

5) “That’s What I Like” Mediashare

Tommy’s old short video of him lip-syncing to “That’s What I Like” by Bruno Mars might be the one video the young creator hates the most. As a result, fans love to pester him with the clip when he does media shares during his streams.

While live on the Dream Survival-Multiplayer (SMP), Tommy decided to do some mediashares. The videos, for the most part, are all funny and normal. There was no sign of the cursed lip-sync clip in sight. It wasn’t until the end of the stream that, just as he began to wrap up, the cursed lip-sync clip played over mediashare.

Tommy elo shouts over the audio:


It’s all in good fun, but that really is a testament to how much he despises that lip-sync video.

4) “You look American today”

Tommy, of course, isn’t from America. If his accent and username didn’t give that away already.

After starting another stream on the Dream Survival-Multiplayer (SMP), Tommy gets a stray chat message amidst the various greetings that read:

“You look American today.”

Tommy replies:

“You look American today? How f— take that back, take that back. Do I look American? Mmm? No, no, no, no. No, I don’t. Do I? Oh my god! Oh, what’s the point in… living.”

After a prolonged silence and some staring off-camera, he concludes this bit with:

“I’m not American.”


Tommy was back at it once again with his adored streams on the Dream Survival-Multiplayer Minecraft Server (SMP). In this voice chat, he’s accompanied by Jack “JackManifoldTV” Manifold and Caroline “Captain Puffy.”

After stealing Jack’s netherite boots, he climbs up and away from the scene of the crime. On the way, he turns to Captain Puffy. He attempts to show her his newly acquired bow (gun). He does this with the line:

“Hey! Look at my new gun, Captain Pussy!”

Tommy’s no stranger to being a teenager with a sailor’s mouth, so this slip in words is no surprise. He apologizes to her profusely after realizing what he’s said in place of her name, only to make the clip so much funnier.

2) “Why are you British? Die”

Tommy nearly ends another lore stream with no further interruptions. However, among the overwhelming number of goodbye messages as he signs off the stream, there’s a single, astray, message that reads:

“Why are you British?”

Tommy reads the message aloud and responds quickly with, “die.” It was a quintessential “TommyInnit” moment that had viewers clipping the end of the stream.

1) “Just killed a woman, feeling good”

One clip triumphs overall, given that it has become an inside “meme” amidst the fanbase. While competing in the Minecraft Championship, Tommy participated in the minigame “Rocket Spleef,” alongside his teammates.

After knocking competitor Katherine Elizabeth to her in-game death, Tommy marks this victory with a now-iconic statement:

“Just killed a woman, feeling good.”

This had everyone in voice chat with him at the time in hysteria. With Technoblade specifically remarking that the statement was “one for the quotebook.”

Have you watched all these videos? Which one do you think it’s the funniest? Find more amazing infor about TommyInnit at our blog here



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